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Connecting important cannabis partners in a transparent and technology-driven manner is integral to The Cannabis Directory. This worldwide repository is intended to help those working within the cannabis industry seamlessly locate essential information while allowing labs, testing facilities, consultants, equipment vendors, packaging companies, software providers and training companies the ability to convey their services, increase market visibility, and expand current market share. Whether searching for testing laboratories or industry-specific services, The Cannabis Directory meets WTO TBT transparency initiatives while offering a customized online search tool to meet customer needs. From a wealth of company and product information to an up-to-date domestic and international geolocation tool, users can expect to have ongoing access to the most current and centralized Cannabis Directory on the market. This international listing database is brought to you by Global Data Vision, a worldwide solutions provider uniquely positioned to identify and address gaps within standards-related businesses. With the team’s extensive experience implementing policy initiatives through program creation, aligned with a global community of experts in standards-driven product development, Global Data Vision is poised to optimize its international expertise to help address commercial goals. We value trust, knowledge, and integrity above all else and utilize our expertise and resources to help achieve growth and maintain consistency, quality, and safety across the board.

National Industrial Hemp Council News
5/11/2024 NIHC
The World is Excited About American Hemp. There are many uses for the hemp plant and it seems the opportunities are endless. And while the European hemp sector is more established, the U.S. hemp industry is catching up.
US Marijuana Shift
5/11/2024 AP Press
US poised to ease restrictions on marijuana in historic shift, but it’ll remain controlled substance. “Today, the Attorney General circulated a proposal to reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III,”.
Journal of Cannabis Research
5/11/2024 Journal of Cannabis
The Journal of Cannabis Research is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal which welcomes submissions covering all topics pertaining to cannabis. Sponsored by the Institute of Cannabis Research at Colorado State University-Pueblo.